Saturday, June 1, 2013

I've got a S*** day

There are days which i've got some bad days -  i don't like it at all. When i know i've got a bad day or i know i will have a bad day, i can't change my feeling to feel me good, happy or anything else again.
Everything what i'm try to seemed like it wouldn't work.

Today: when i get out of my bed i felt good.
But when i went to my workplace, i knew it already when i took the first step into the room: That isn't your day. It was exactly like that. Father and Son were fighting for they rights. You know they are working together i mean they should work as a team. There is someone who is looking for something new that we can offer. But his father doesn't like that what his son does.

That's why i was angry the whole day it isn't just because of that also what "kind" of words they used for each other. Unbelievable.

I'm glad for every single day they'll not fight.

I could tell you more how it is were i'm working. A endless story!

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