Saturday, June 1, 2013

Some words to Chester

I like him more than ever before. He was and still my favorite bandmember.
 I know how it was as i discovered LP for the first time - going back in to 2001 (12 years back)

For me was Chester a helppoint. 
When i was at school i wasn't really loved from the other students. Most of the time i was alone.
Couldn't do anything and they had found always a way to let me feel bad which made me sick.
Emotional sick i've got Depression from this time on. 

Then as i heared Linkin Park for the first time i've enjoyed this one song which was In The End. I was caught in it. After that i bought the single and afterwards i wanted to know everything about Linkin Park.
I've read all the bandmates BIO and chester was the first.
He was an eye-catcher for me. So i read his bio then i realized that i was not the only one who feels bad at this time. His past life was more painful than mine. It sounds mad but i was strong enough to survive every school day i had to go. I mean the whole band helped me through this time which was really hard for me. 

We us fans know what Chester were going through (drugs addiction, sexual abuse etc.) Now look at him. He is that want he wanted to be and his heart is on the right place. He is doing so much to help other people. He is a great man an idol for everbody, a super daddy ;) and of course a great singer with a legendary voice!

"Life is beautiful even when its ugly sometimes" - Chester Bennington 

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